Hisanori Kato

The University of Tokyo
Chair, Japanese Bid Committee for the ICN2021
Secretary General, 12th ACN
Member, IUNS Subcommittee of Science Council of Japan

Thank You all from Us!


My career up to date as a nutritional scientist has constantly been filled with encounters, discovery, fun, and excitement. I now have the opportunity to experience similar feelings by serving as the chair of the Japanese Bid Committee of the 22nd International Congress of Nutrition (ICN2021). I am filled with a sense of confidence and anticipation that our team will bring about the overwhelming success of the Congress if Tokyo is selected as the venue for ICN2021.

Tokyo is the most innovative city in the world, boasting outstanding infrastructure, convenience, cleanliness, and safety. The Tokyo International Forum, the proposed venue, is a state-of-the art facility located in the center of the city. In the event of ICN2021 being held in Tokyo, I can assure you not only of great scientific achievements from the congress itself, but also of unique experiences of Japanese culture, history and various other entertainments. The secrets and appeal of the Japanese diet will of course also be of interest for the participants of the congress.

The world is faced with a variety of nutrition-related issues, including food shortage, malnutrition, population growth, over-nutrition, diversification of dietary habits, threats to food safety, and aging of society. Japan has tackled all these issues over a relatively short period of time and has devised various methods to resolve them, thanks to the ingenuity and flexibility of the people of Japan.

The population of our planet is forecast to expand to 10 billion during this century. Nutrition has the power to provide health and happiness to people living today and to future generations as we head towards the 22nd century. As such, we have set the theme of the congress, “The Power of Nutrition: For the Smiles of 10 Billion People.” We hope that by bringing everyone from around the world together in Tokyo in 2021 we can engage in valuable discussions on nutritional issues. The congress will be an ideal opportunity for participants to reaffirm or rediscover their mission to help to realize good health and happiness for future generations.

I look forward to having the opportunity to welcome you to the 22nd ICN in Tokyo in 2021.

Hisanori Kato, Ph.D.
Chair, Japanese Bid Committee for the ICN2021

Bid Committee Member

Makoto Shimizu, Ph.D. (Chair, IUNS Subcommittee, Science Council of Japan)
Teruo Miyazawa, Ph.D. (President, Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science)
Yasuhiro Kido, Ph.D. (President, the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics)
Yukari Takemi, Ph.D.
Kazuo Inoue, Ph.D.
Yutaka Miura, Ph.D.
Tatsuya Sugawara, Ph.D.
Kiyotaka Nakagawa, Ph.D.
Yoshimi Kishimoto, Ph.D.
Hisanori Kato, Ph.D. (Chair of the Bid Committee)

The logo represents a fusion of two landmarks of Tokyo

Tokyo Tower and TOKYO SKYTREE. The former, built in 1958 with a height of 333 m, has been loved as an iconic symbol of the economic growth of Japan. The latter was opened in May 2012, boasts a height of 634 m, and is one of the highest structures in the world. It is now the most favorite spot for tourists in Japan’s capital city. The image stretching up to the sky also symbolizes the continuous growth of nutritional science in the future. Beyond the tower spreads a brilliant night view of skyscrapers. The view may evoke an image of the entertainment, comfort, and security this city can promise you.

Designed by Shoko Takahashi, Graduate Student, The University of Tokyo